About us


Ladies and Gentlemen!

Hendson company operates on the Polish market since 1997.

Today, a dozen years of experience, numerous completed projects and constantly expanding group of customers.

Our advantage is mainly well-managed, well-coordinated team of professionals, engineers and specialists in the field of real estate and infrared.

Hendson - Energy Solutions provides the following services:

- Making energy performance certificates

- Perform energy audits

- Thermal measuring using infrared camera

- Location of leak

- Construction design of photovoltaic installations

- Review of wastewater treatment plants

Our office is located in Wroclaw, close to City Centre.

Al. Wiśniowa 55A
53-126 Wrocław

tel / fax

+ 48 71 785 68 28


+ 48 790 273 163

+ 48 790 284 044

E-mail: hendson@hendson.pl



Working with us you will receive a guarantee of quality and timeliness of our services. In order to meet your needs, we offer professional services.