How to save heat?

How to save heat?

- Replacement of windows and doors for new low-heat-transfer coefficients (UW/m2)

- Thermal imaging tests to locate improperly performed

thermal insulation of the building,

- Lowering the heating temperature during the holidays and at night, lowering

temperature of 1% saves about 5% of the heat,

- The installation of thermostatic radiator valves


How to save electricity?

- Use of modern fluorescent lamps,

- Using clear lenses and frames,

- Where is the possibility to use LEDs,

- Use motion sensors,

- Turn off power strips electrical equipment (computer, printer, etc.)


How do I remove mold and get rid of mushrooms?

- Identify the source of moisture porzez thermographic measurements, measurements of humidity, control of ventilation,

- Eliminate the cause of moisture,

- Ventilation,