• MONITORING Thermography

     MONITORING Thermography


    •  control of subcontractors work in the repair / construction
    •  opportunity to correct weaknesses before the final finish
    •  avoid complaints and claims of future users


     Each of us realizes how much it costs to build the house and even more to carry out large investment developer. In giving a lot of money we would make our investment, our house was perfect, built according to the project by top professionals.

     His finishing and insulation must meet the highest standards limiting the losses of the energy needed for heating to a minimum.  After the building is often ordering service infrared locating defects in isolation or errors in its execution. Wtedy narażamy się na bardzo duże koszty ich naprawy i niepotrzebną stratę czasu. Then we risk a very high cost of their repair and unnecessary waste of time.

     That is why we offer you in addition to an infrared monitoring of existing buildings during the construction of houses and other buildings.  Pozwoli to na bieżącą lokalizację  niedociągnięć w izolacji i natychmiastową ich korektę. This will allow the current weaknesses in the isolated location and their immediate correction.

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